Any creative knows that photos are an essential part of making your blog or website look as beautiful as possible.

Many times we have little budget to buy premium photos and we find it difficult to find beautiful and copyright-free images.

Thanks to stock photography sites and the generosity of many photographers, you will find a large number of beautiful free photos to use on your site, blog or social media.

In this post, I’ve compiled my personal list of 5 best free stock photo sites I usually use for my WordPress Themes.

5 of the best free stock photo sites

Every photo published on these sites are licensed under Creative Commons Zero, which provides users with the freedom to copy, modify, distribute, and use all of the photos without permissions or attribution.

You do not need to ask permission from or provide credit to the photographer.

Most of them constantly feed new photos into their libraries, so it’s best to take a look once in a while.


5 of the best free stock photo sites - Pexels

This is my favourite site to find free stock images. It´s really easy to use and has a  good selection of stock images.

You can find thousands of free images searchable by popular, category, color,..

You can take a look my collections:


5 of the best free stock photo sites - Rawpixel

Rawel pixel is one of the first sites I visit for images, really easy to use and a good selection of stock images.

Here you will not only find images but other free design vectors resources like vectors, psd mockups so I love it.


5 of the best free stock photo sites - Kaboopics

Kaboonpics has a large selection of high quality stock photos completely royalty free.

The images are high quality easy to find. It´s possible filter the photos by categories (travel, lifestyle, people,..) and colors. It is a big advantage!


5 of the best free stock photo sites - Pixabay

This bank images contains more than 1.5 million shared images and videos so it is impossible not to find a good photo for your collection.

It has free pics, illustrations, and even videos.

The main advantage is that you can not only filter the images by categories, but also download the images in different sizes.


5 of the best free stock photo sites - Picjumbo

There are some really beautiful photos to choose from here, from a variety of different categories (such as business, abstract, Fashion, etc.)

In these sites the free stock images are limitless. By using any of my top 5 best free stock image sites, you’re sure to find gorgeous images for your creative project.



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