How to make an interactive quiz for your Business

How to make an interactive quiz for your Business

There are fun and creative strategies you can implement to engage your audience and one of those strategies is an online quiz maker.

Quiz Makers is a perfect tool for coaches, business marketers and managers who need generating leads, segment the audience, and drive traffic to their websites.

TryInteract is an online tool that can be used to create quizzes for free and to collect emails with the paid subscription service.

The free plan offers unlimited quizzes and unlimited quiz takers. This basic free service is gorgeous if a coach or business owner does not need to collect the email addresses of the quiz takers.

The paid subscription plans function to collect email addresses sending the results via email so that you can grow your email list.


1. Create an account

Go to TryInteract and create a new account.



2. Choose a template

On your quiz dashboard, hit Create New Quiz to get started.

Choose your favorite quiz templates to find one according to your goal.

What if you don’t want to use a quiz template? You can always hit Start From Scratch and create your own quiz.



For this tutorial, I’ll use, “What kind of blog will lead to your next big breakthrough?”



3. Styling your quiz

Whether you’re using a quiz template or starting from scratch, you’ll see a “quiz design” menu at the top of your page.



Here, you can change your quiz colors, font, and cover image.

Choose a color scheme similar to your brand colors.

Next is the font. There’s a ton of fonts to choose from. Pick a readable font, so your quiz is easy to understand.


4. Build the cover page

Your quiz cover page is the first thing quiz-takers will see. Make it stand out.

First, type in the title of your quiz. Then choose a relatable image with Edit Cover Image. You can either upload a photo or choose from our gallery.

The quiz description doesn’t need to be long, but it does need to be convincing.

Tell your readers what your quiz is about and why it’s worth taking. You can also add a timestamp like “Take this four-minute quiz!” so users know it won’t take up too much of their time.


5. Design your questions

Now build your questions. Your quiz questions should be relatable, easy to understand, and creative.


You can add images to your questions can make them feel unique.


6. Customize your results pages

Your results pages lead users to your business and services, so give as much value as possible. I’ll go over each section of a typical quiz results page.

At the top, state the results and add a relatable image.

Next, describe your user’s strengths. Tell them everything that’s awesome about their result and why they’ve got it going on.

You can have 2-3 pages, depending on how deep you want to go in customizing your content for your audience!



7. Correlate your questions and results

There’s one more thing to do before you log off: correlate your questions to each result so users get an accurate answer.

On your questions page, click Edit Result Correlations. 


By clicking on the blue button “edit result correlations” , you can customize each question and make sure that your audience get’s the results they need.

You can customize each and every question and answer and correlate it to the correct result to make sure your quiz is giving your audience the most accurate results.

One answer has multiple result correlations, it’s super flexible.

8. Insert your Quiz in your page

To connect Interact with your page, sidebar, post,…you have to do is paste an HTML code.

You can find this code on your quiz dashboard.

To get started, hit Share & Embed.



If you scroll down, you’ll see some embed settings.

  • Auto resize embed to fit quiz content: With Javascript embed, you can resize your quiz to work within your content.
  • Use custom embed size: Toggle this button to resize your quiz to something other than 800px by 800px.
  • Open quiz in a new tab on mobile devices: Landing pages and mobile devices can get messy. Use this setting to separate your quiz from the landing page.
  • Disable the quiz cover page: Your landing page will tell users all about your quiz, so the cover page isn’t always necessary. You can disable it here.


Create a page u open a page created and paste the code inside a code module.

And voila! You have your Quiz.


9. Promote your quiz on Social Media

Now that you’ve created your quiz, it’s time to get people to take it. And the only way to do that is to get it seen by your audience.

On your Interact dashboard, go to your fitness quiz and click Share & Embed.

Under Share Link, you’ll notice five different social media channels at the bottom.


10. Grow your email list with an email opt-in (Pay Subscription)

Instead of showing them the results after quiz completions and asking them to join your email list, you can “gate” the results by asking them to fill out a form with their email address.

Here’s how to do it.

Go back to the left panel in your Try Interact account, and toggle the ‘Lead Generation’ button to the ‘On’ position:



This form takes you through the integration process. It supports all major email marketing and marketing automation tools.

The breadcrumb menu at the top shows you where you are in the integration process:


The opt-in form at the bottom of the screen is what turns your quiz into a lead generation tool: when you activate this function, the quiz-taker has to enter a valid email if they want to see the quiz results:


As you can se with TryInteract, it’s so simple to create and integrate a quiz on your website.

How to Add a Video Background in Divi

How to Add a Video Background in Divi

Nowadays Video backgrounds are a hugely popular website design trend.

Videos are a great way to share a story keep people on your website longer, engage them with your content and bring any site to life.

In this tutorial I will show you how to do it in Divi and customize it by adding a nice overlay. 

How to Add a Video Background in Divi


Step 1: Look for your perfect Video Background


You can upload your own video or use a Free Stock Video Website like Pexels and look for a video that covers your business needs.

In Pexels, all videos are free for personal and commercial use.

You can look for your videos by topic and choose position and size.

How to Add a Video Background in Divi - Pexels


Step 2: Upload Your Background Video

  • Once You´ve download your lovely video Open the Divi Section Options.
  • Upload Your Background Video, This is where we can upload our video. (Note that it is recommended that you upload the video in MP4 format to ensure maximum browser compatibility.)
  • Save Your Background Video Choice.
  • Add Some Content to that section, For example I´ve added a Call To Action.


How to Add a Video Background in Divi - Upload


Step 3: Customize adding a lovely overlay


By default it’s not possible to add overlay effect to a section or any other Divi modules that contain a video background.

You´ll find a code like this:

display: block;
position: absolute;
top: 0;
left: 0;
width: 100%;
height: 100%;
background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.6);
z-index: 9;


Next, and the following code under the Section >  Advanced tab  > Custom CSS >  Before Element field:

How to Add a Video Background in Divi - Overlay

  • View your Divi Background Video in Action.



How to combine multiple fonts on one line in Divi

How to combine multiple fonts on one line in Divi

Usually it’s not a good idea to combine multiple fonts, or font sizes on one text line but there are exceptions where they look good.

In this post I´ll show you how to get this result that you can see on my WordPress theme, Meryl.

Step 1: Add Text module

Add a text module and write text you want to show up. On my example, I´ve added text in h2.

Step 2: Upload your custom font

Upload your custom font.


On my example I have to choose h2 font and upload Modernline font. (you only can use form personal use). Now all text will be displayed with the font you have uploaded. No problem! you already have your font loaded and you have to undo the changes.

Step 4: Add span text

Now we have to select a certain text with a custom font. The aim is to create a beautiful contrast in your text. Go to text content and select text tab.

On my example I want to contrast the word capturing so I need putting the following HTML code: Paste this code and edit your color and font size and text:

In this video you can see the process:


How to give a Free Download to your Subscribers in Divi

How to give a Free Download to your Subscribers in Divi

This tutorial I walk through the process to give a Free Download to your Subscribers in Divi.

Do you want to grow your email list with a lead magnet?

Lead magnet is a Free eEbook, PDF Guide, Course, Template, …  in exchange for your visitors’ email addresses is a great strategy to grow your email list.

In this post I´ll show you how to redirect Divi Optin module to a thank you page for immediate free download, in four simple steps.

How to give a Free Download to your Subscribers in Divi

Step 1: Upload Your Lead Magnet

Find your freebie file on your computer, and upload your freebie through the Media library.

How to give a Free Download to your Subscribers in Divi 01

Alternatively, you can upload it to a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox if it´s a very large file and hide your lead magnet from search engines.


Step 1: Build a Thank You Page

Build your thank you page or section with a button or a call to action.


How to give a Free Download to your Subscribers in Divi 02

In Jane theme I´ve added a Call to Action with a link to my lead magnet.

Step 2: Create a Lead Magnet Signup Form

Next, Build a lead magnet page (or page section) focus visitors’ attention on what you’re promoting, with a Email Optin that gets people to sign up for downloading your freebie.

You can learn How to Integrate MailChimp with Divi Builder

How to give a Free Download to your Subscribers in Divi 03

Step 3: Redirect Subscribers to Confirmation Page

Divi Email Optin Module allows you to define a URL where the user should be redirected after they opt in.

This allows you to use the optin module redirecting your readers to a thank you page or download pages after they have provided you with their email address.

Go to Email Optin Settings > Content > Success Action > Choose Redirect to a custom URL > Paste your URL

Step 4: Deliver the Free Download through your Thank You Page

Once your readers subscribe to your list, you can direct them to a Thank You Page where they can download the freebie.


That’s it!! You´ve added a Free Download to your Subscribers!

How to add Privacy Policy to Divi Contact Form

How to add Privacy Policy to Divi Contact Form

In this post I´m going to explain how to add Privacy Policy to Divi Contact Form.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an European Union and United States law (EU) that requires companies and site owners to disclose the information they collect about their visitors and how this information is used (check out WordPress GDPR compliance guide for 2021.)

All websites collect information about their visitors in different ways ( Comments, Contact forms, Google Analytics, Optin Forms, Google Adsense,  ..)

So It´s it is necessary to make clear in Privacy Policy what information you are collecting, why, and how your readers can update, manage, export, and delete their information.

To make your Divi Contact Form GDPR-compliant, simply adding a required consent checkbox with clear explanation should be good enough.

How to add Privacy Policy to Divi Contact Form

Step 1: Create your Privacy Policy


If you don´t know exactly how to create your Privacy Policy, you can use this awesome generator.

Go to Pages  > Create your page > Open More Tools & Options > Select Code editor > Paste code generated below > Publish your page.



Now you have your Privacy Policy created !

Navigate to to Settings > Privacy > Select your Privacy Policy you´ve already created.


Step 2 : Adding Link to Privacy Policy to your Contact Form


How to add Privacy Policy to Divi Contact Form


Now, open the Contact Form Module (By default, it comes with First Name, Last Name, Email and Message ) and add new field to it.

How to add Privacy Policy to Divi Contact Form 05

Add Field ID and Title. This text will appear above checkbox field.

How to add Privacy Policy to Divi Contact Form 06

Choose “Checkboxes” as the type of this field.

How to add Privacy Policy to Divi Contact Form 07

Type the checkbox and open the hyperlink icon.

How to add Privacy Policy to Divi Contact Form 08

Paste the Privacy Policy link and Link Text.

How to add Privacy Policy to Divi Contact Form 09

In this video you can see how is built Contact Form in Divi Jane Theme


You can read more about all these Divi GDPR options in this Elegant Themes blog post.

I hope this post was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave your comment below!

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