12 premium serif fonts for a website

Choosing the right fonts for a creative project or website can be extremely time consuming since there are thousands of fonts out there.

I love serif typefaces. I include them in all my WordPress themes. I have an authentic arsenal on my computer!

Serif fonts have structural and delicate details at the end of each letter to help achieve that much needed traditional touch to your design.

If you really want to create a professional design work with a quality aspect, you must choose among the best serif fonts available and if they are little known, it will catch the attention of your readers.

Looking for the best serif font collection for your graphic design or website?

I have compiled together 12 premium serif fonts for a Website.

12 premium serif fonts for a website

Where to download these free fonts:

Silk Setif // Fragile // Sunflora // Solitas // Hello Paris // Imbue // Coachella // Merova // Musetta // Butler // Soria // Vanity

TIP: I always recommend a test drive from the source before buying. Enter the words you want to use before. I won’t lie to you, there were times when I loved a font until I saw how a letter formed and it didn’t work for my project.

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