How to integrate ConverKit with Divi Builder

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In this tutorial I want to share you how to integrate Divi Builder with your Converkit account Building an email list is one of the most important things that can grow your business.

This feature is basic to provide with information or promote products or services to your ’email subscribers’.

If you build a mailing list, you will have the opportunity to send them your news and offers directly to their email. In my opinion, one of the best platforms to collect emails and send marketing campaigns is Convertkit.

For this, it´s necessary to know what´s the API key to connect your Converkit account with your Divi Builder.

Step 1

In your Converkit account, click your profile and select “Profile”.


Step 2

After logging in your Converkit account and select “Settings“.


Step 3

Go to Advanced Tab and there and find your API Key and your API  Secret. Click the link to reveal your API Secret.


Step 4

Go to your site and add an “Email Optin” module to your Divi layout and select your server Provider: Converkit


Step 5

Enter your Converkit Account Name and the API key you have created above.


Step 6

Select a Convertkit list from the dropdown menu on the list section. Save changes.


Step 7 (optional)

Configuring Spam Protection Account Enabling it will offer you a much higher level of security. First of all, you will need to create a Google reCaptcha v3 profile for your website. To do it, go to and fill in the details like you can see on this screenshot:

When you fill it in, click on  “Submit” button and you´ll get a  reCaptcha Site Key and Secret Key.

Go to Emil Optin Settings, choose the option “Spam Protection”. Click to ADD a new reCAPTCHA v3 Account and copy & paste your Google reCaptcha site key & secret key here.

Then click Submit.

Step 8

By default, the Email Optin module comes with 3 fields ( First Name, Last Name and Email ). You can remove the unnecessary fields checking Fields.

And finally, customize it!


Do you need more info about Divi Email Optin Module ? How to add, configure and customize the Divi email optin module:

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