How to combine multiple fonts on one line in Divi

Sep 29, 2020 | Divi Tutorial | 0 comments

Usually it’s not a good idea to combine multiple fonts, or font sizes on one text line but there are exceptions where they look good.

In this post I´ll show you how to get this result that you can see on my WordPress theme, Meryl.

Step 1: Add Text module

Add a text module and write text you want to show up. On my example, I´ve added text in h2.

Step 2: Upload your custom font

Upload your custom font.


On my example I have to choose h2 font and upload Modernline font. (you only can use form personal use). Now all text will be displayed with the font you have uploaded. No problem! you already have your font loaded and you have to undo the changes.

Step 4: Add span text

Now we have to select a certain text with a custom font. The aim is to create a beautiful contrast in your text. Go to text content and select text tab.

On my example I want to contrast the word capturing so I need putting the following HTML code: Paste this code and edit your color and font size and text:

In this video you can see the process:



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