5 free premade logo designs for your website

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Today I want to share you 5 free premade logo designs for your website.

When you start a website, you´ve likely to be running low on cash and wouldn’t be wise to spend your savings on purchasing a custom logo so I want you help you with this crucial step.

I believe in this case, the best thing is use pre-made logos tend to be simplier and cheaper since they’re not customized.

Well no, they’re not unique.

But, being honest, unless your audience are graphic designers anyone will notice your logo is premade.

A logo works much like your name. Your logo is the face of your brand. As you build brand awareness with logo-accompanied experiences, readers will begin to make valuable associations between your logo and your brand.

I love simple logo design , it does not equate to a simplistic business model or brand message; to the contrary, it indicates a keen awareness of a logo’s purpose and your ideal clients’ needs. A logo that is complicated in design can make it difficult for people to create those associations.

I have the pleasure to present these 5 free premade logo designs for your website:


Get these 5 free premade logo designs for your website


Everything can be customized with your own text, colors, textures and can even change the font if needed. Just a basic knowledge of Photoshop or Illustrator is more than enough to edit any logo.

Check out for more free designs HERE – I hope you have a great time customizing these logo templates!

Enjoy! xoxo

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